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Visiting Houston (11-16 April 2018)

We just came back from visiting the Lone Star State to run our stabilizers, something we consider as another significant milestone for our company. The main problem our tool addresses in Texas is vibration, a problem we see worldwide. A problem, we believe, is partly caused by insufficient stabilization.

When we started making the brochures for our trip, we realized that our company and its product offering had changed significantly. What began as a simple mission to change the way the industry uses stabilizers has already translated itself into three different product categories in five different applications. Again, a moment to be proud off.

So far, we’ve designed and tested the following products

The Switchblade/Reamerblade

A versatile stabilizer which gauge size can be changed on the location itself, eliminating the need for undergauge stabilizers. Additionally, the tool itself can be changed into a reamer tool, which can be run concentric or eccentric.

The Fixedblade/Onbit

A re-designed stabilizer for downhole drilling efficiency. By changing the design of the conventional stabilizer, this tool promises to improve weight transfer, stabilization, a reduction in friction, and enhanced hole-cleaning. It can be run as a stabilizer as a Fixedblade or near the bit as an Onbit.

The Bitbox

The final tool in our portfolio is the bitbox, a stabilizer placed directly above the bit to improve bit stability, minimize whirl and spiralling. This tool is equally suited for use on either a mud motor or RSS.

The crazy thing is, the further we get along on this journey, the more applications we seem to come up with. To be continued.

Visiting Houston