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Fixedblade® Reamer

Engineered to achieve optimal borehole gauge while effectively minimizing wellbore imperfections, including borehole tortuosity.

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The Fixedblade Reamer. Drilling Reamers for the oil and gas drilling industry.

Unique innovative solution

Forward and back-reaming capabilities

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Achieve optimal borehole gauge

Fixedblade Reamer

The Fixedblade Reamer is engineered to achieve optimal borehol gauge while effectively minimizing wellbore imperfections, including borehole tortuosity. This is achieved through the controlled elongation of micro doglegs and borehole spiral patterns during the drilling process.

To maximize its efficiency, the Fixedblade Reamer should be positioned high-up in the drill string and operated under tension.

Fixedblade Reamer Features

The Fixedblade Reamer boasts an advanced design featuring optimized hydrodynamics, enabling enhanced transportation of cuttings surrounding the stabilizers.

The cutter configuration allows for forward and back-reaming capabilities.

Fixedblade Reamer Benefits

  • Enhanced weight transfer and wellbore conditions
  • Reduced need for dedicated wiper trips
  • Decreased back reaming and reduced stuck pipe risk
  • Mitigate Balling-up and downhole ECD/Swab & Surge effects
  • Eliminate ledges and pinch points
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The Fixedblade Reamer in Vertical position

Fixedblade Reamer Specifications

Hole Size Gauge Range Length (m) Weight (kg) ID Fishing Neck Dia. Surface Area (in2) Conn.
6″ series 5 3/4″ – 6 1/4″ 2.00 180 2″ 4 3/4″ 100 NC38
8″ series 8″ – 8 1/2″ 2.20 360 2 1/4″ 6 3/4″ 220 4 1/2″ IF
12″ series 12″ – 12 1/4″ 2.40 660 2 13/16″ 8 1/4″ 240 6 5/8″ Reg
17″ series 14 3/4″ – 17 1/4″ 2.60 1200 3″ 9 1/2″ 340 7 5/8″ Reg


Dome inserts made of Tungsten Carbide and Passive Polycrystalline diamond inserts are utilized

Different gauge sizes can be provided upon request.

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