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Our Video Story

This video is a visual introduction to the new Reamertool, which can be run as a Stabilizer, a Reamer or as a Hybrid.

Meet the Team

Founded on Experience. Driven by Innovation.

Over 45 years of experience in the oil & gas industry has led to the foundation of ED Projects. The independent service and R&D company was established with the goal to address the challenges faced by today’s drilling industry.

Our Tools in Action

Great Stabilization

Design features

  • Dome-shaped, low friction interchangeable blades
  • 6 or 8 points of contact
  • Flow profile with optimized hydrodynamics
  • Surface-adjustable gauge size


  • Reduced torque and drag
  • Improved weight transfer and tool face control when slide drilling
  • BHA vibration dampening
  • Increased stability
  • Resistance to balling up and packing off
  • Reduced risk of swab and surge
  • Minimized damage to mud cake while drilling and tripping
  • Fine-tuning BHA performance with adjustable gauge size
  • Interchangeable blades reduce tools turnover time and rig inventory

Reamer / Hybrid Reamer

The Reamerblade tool is designed to minimise borehole tortuosity by elongating micro doglegs and borehole spiral patterns. The Reamerblades are interchangeable with the Switchblade® bodies and can be configured either eccentric or concentric.

This addition to the Switchblade® range will add versatility, enabling the operator to configure the tool as a reamer, stabilizer or a combination of both. To optimise performance, the Reamerblade should be run in tension and high-up the drill string.

A R&D Company

Custom Designs


Quick Turnaround


Experienced Team


European Drilling Projects is highly reactive R&D company that tailors our innovation to our client needs. The company leads the way in designing solutions that the industry needs in the harsh ever evolving downhole environment.

Latest ED-Projects News

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G.P.O. Guideline for Optimal Stabiliser Performance

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A more personal interview – Hey Tom! Episode 6

A more personal interview – Hey Tom! Episode 6

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The Importance of Adequate Stabilization Behind a RSS

The Importance of Adequate Stabilization Behind a RSS

Hey Tom! Episode 5 - in this episode we are talking about the importance of adequate stabilization points behind a rotary steerable system. This topic came to existence after numerous runs in the Middle-East and Europe, where did see a significant...