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Case study

Fixedblade Stabilizers Reduce Risk of Stuck Pipe in Kurdistan

Fixedblade® stabilizers used in the BHA instead of conventional spiral blade stabilizers help to avoid getting stuck in troublesome formations.

Location: Kurdistan

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Nearbit Stabilizer in Kurdistan


Minimize stuck pipe and lost BHA incidents often occurring when drilling 12 ¼” section through unstable shales.


Deploy the Fixedblade® stabilizers in BHA’s.


No stuck pipe incidents observed when pulling out of hole; No BHA lost in hole due to formation instability.

Fixedblade deployment

The Fixedblade® stabilizers (near bit and string type) were deployed in several wells for an operator in Kurdistan for the trial purposes. Stabilizers were run in simple rotary BHA’s, as well as in combination with RSS.

Reducing risk of getting stuck

Unstable shale formations were a common cause of severe stuck pipe incidents while tripping, often resulting in lost BHA’s and consequent sidetracks. No such events occurred while using Fixedblade® stabilizers instead of conventional spiral blade type stabilizers. Enhanced hydrodynamic profile of the Fixedblade® stabilizers, combined with low-friction blade design, allowed easier tripping through troublesome formations without getting stuck.

Fixedblade NearBit Stabilizer Facing down

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