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Case study

Fixedblade Stabilizers help extend bit life in Oman

Fixedblade Stabilizers helped cut down the number of bit runs by setting a new benchmark record bit run in 12-1/4” hole section in the Sultanate of Oman.

Location: Sultanate of Oman

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Fixedblade Stabilizers offer enhanced stabilization across three consecutive hole sections in a vertical well in the North Sea Dutch sector


Minimize high levels of shocks and vibrations. Propose a fit for purpose BHA


Replace conventional stabilizer with Fixedblade stabilizers. Optimize stabilizer placement in the BHA.


Record bit run (320 hrs). One bit run saved. 372 hrs on BHA. No reference to high vibrations in DDRs. Smooth Casing run; Bit dull grading: 2-4-BT-A-X-I-CR-HR

Fixedblade deployment

A major operator in the Sultanate of Oman was facing serious challenges drilling the vertical 12 ¼” hole section with either a rotary BHA or with a PDM as a drive system. RSS were also occasionally used with marginal improvements. Multiple bit runs were typically required to complete the sections primarily due to harsh drilling conditions and severe levels of vibration encountered throughout the section.

Previously used conventional spiral design string stabilizers were replaced by Fixedblade design stabilizers. In addition, the OD and the placement of the stabilizers were optimized for that particular BHA and application.

The adopted solution helped extend bit and BHA life and resulted in the record bit run for this hole section of + 13 days. Interval drilled was 3017m and the section was completed in 2 bit runs resulting in a total time saving of 20 hours.

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