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Switchblade® stabilizer

A stabilizer system with replaceable blades, ideal for a field development or remote operating locations.

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Switchblade Stabilizer for the Oil and Gas Drilling industry

Unique innovative solution

The Switchblade Stabilizer is a unique stabilizer that uses interchangeable blades

Dome-Shaped Low Friction Interchangeable Blades

The unique tool profile improves upon conventional stabilizers by reducing torque, stick slip and subsequent vibration.

G2 Monoblades


Reduce torque, drag & torsional vibration

The Stabilizer Reinvented

The Switchblade® was designed to address the known shortcomings of the conventional spiral blade stabilizer and add more operational flexibility. Unique innovative solution enhances drilling performance, prevents downhole failures and makes tripping easier. Surface adjustable gauge size and interchangeable blades bring additional benefits in specific applications.

Switchblade Features

The enhanced hole cleaning ability aids ECD management by limiting pack off tendency which reduces borehole erosion when tripping and backreaming. Better drill fluid displacement reduces the risk of swab and surge in comparison to conventional blade stabilisers – a key cause of wellbore instability.

The blades are independently configurable allowing the creation of a unique front or back tapered profile. This can be applied to the top string stabilizer to reduce the risk of hanging up when POOH through cutting bed accumulations and or interbedded formations.

Conversely, the tool can be installed above a motor to create a positive taper effect in wells with high dogleg angles to provide excellent weight transfer when sliding.

Switchblade Benefits

  • Reduced torque and drag
  • Improved weight transfer and tool face control when slide drilling
  • BHA vibration dampening
  • Increased stability
  • Resistance to balling up and packing off
  • Reduced risk of swab and surge
  • Minimized damage to mud cake while drilling and tripping
  • Fine-tuning BHA performance with adjustable gauge size
  • Interchangeable blades reduce tools turnover time and rig inventory
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Switchblade Stabilizer in vertical position

Switchblade Specifications

Tool Series 12″ 16″ 17″
Gauge Ranges* 11″ – 12 1/8″ 14 3/4″ – 15 7/8″ 16 1/4″ – 17 3/8″
Overall Length (m) 2.52 2.67 2.75
ID (in2) 2 13/16″ 3″ 3″
Weight (kg) 648 1,033 1,186
Fishing Neck Dia. 8 1/4″ 9 1/2″ 9 1/2″
Surface Area (in2) 185 245 245
Number of blades 6 8 8
Blade Dressing Brick Pattern Tungsten Carbide or Thermally Stable Polycrystalline (TSP) Inserts
Connections ** 6 5/8 Reg 7 5/8 Reg 7 5/8 Reg
Minimum Make-Up Torque (ft/lbs) 53,000
NM 47,000
NM 69,000
NM 69,000


Note: The measurements given above may change slightly due to the hardfacing thickness of the blades. It is always recommended to gauge the Switchblade prior to installing it in the BHA. We recommend all tools should be run a minimum of 1/8″ to 1/4″ undergauge to the drill bit size. We do not recommend running in a full gauge configuration.

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