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ClearPath® Eccentric Reamer

Eccentric Reaming, Multi-point stabilization, and an agitating function. All in one tool.

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ClearPath Eccentric Reamer

Multifunctional Drilling Technology

The ClearPath Eccentric Reamer is an innovative multifunctional tool combining reaming, drilling, wellbore conditioning, improved stabilization, and hole cleaning capabilities.

Low-torque helical hybrid structure

Low-torque helical hybrid structure

Undergauge inner blades act as drilling cuttings agitator

Undergauge inner blades act as drilling cuttings agitator

Opposing eccentric reamer blades with premium PDC cutters

Opposing eccentric reamer blades with premium PDC cutters

ClearPath Eccentric Reamer Features

The ClearPath Eccentric Reamer is manufactured from a single piece of steel. The steel used has mechanical properties which correspond with other drill string components connecting onto the eccentric reamer.

The first and second reamer blade sets are angularly displaced about the longitudinal tool axis by 180° on the drill string. Circumferentially opposing these are dual drift blades which are hard banded and are positioned to dynamically stabilize the cutting structure whilst reaming. This off-set reamer blade arrangement will marginally enlarge the wellbore diameter and ensure that the bit will be to pass through without the need for back reaming.

Each eccentric reaming blade surface has deep helical grooves running up the blade, with PDC cutters and dome-shaped inserts located in the centre tooth bed. The cutting structure cuts into the doglegs, and cuttings are pulled up the flute by the rotation of the tool and into the longitudinal blade flow by-pass area.

The first set of reamer blades contains the active cutting structure, and hence does most of the borehole enlarging, while the second set of blades further condition. The stabilizer blades positioned circumferentially at 180° at the drift side act to dynamically stabilize the tool during rotational reaming.

The middle section, between the lower and upper reamer blades, contains design features which increase the velocity and impel cutting beds. These features work in tandem as the tool translates in a counter rotation, agitating the cutting beds on the lower side of the wellbore up into the circulating drilling fluid where they are transported up the annulus. The additional bearing pressure and increase in annular velocity combined with stabilizer blade pad geometry leads to a smoother filter cake whilst minimizing the risk of pack off during drilling operations.

As the reamer translates in a counter rotation downhole, as drilling fluid and suspended cuttings and cavings flow pass the agitator blades located between the first and second reamer blade set. In doing so the geometry of the agitator blade elements increases the velocity of the drilling fluid, thus creating a turbulence in the mid-tool annulus, and a cleaning effect on the wellbore wall due to bearing pressure created against the wall of the wellbore.

ClearPath Eccentric Reamer Velocity


Reaming while drilling in vertical, deviated, and extended reach wells

The Reamer Reinvented

The ClearPath Eccentric Reamer is designed to improve the drilling efficiency by removing sections of parallel misalignment, keyseats, micro doglegs and help scour up and displace cutting beds that can lead to swabbing and pack-off issues.

The ClearPath Eccentric Reamer does this through the optimized placement of the low-torque Helical Hybrid cutting structure, combined with a flow accelerator and drilling cuttings agitator.

By contributing to overall drilling efficiency, we have developed a multifunctional wellbore conditioning system, which ensures a smoother wellbore through a unique two-stage customizable reamer, drilling fluid accelerator and cutting bed agitator all integrated in a single-piece design.

ClearPath Eccentric Reamer Benefits

  • Increases drift size
  • Eliminates the need for dedicated wiper trips
  • Removes horizontal section misalignment. Ledges. Key seats and micro doglegs
  • Eases tripping and subsequent casing running
  • Reams out spiral patterns
  • Reduces stick and slip
  • Increases energy transfer to the bit and reduced drill string drag
  • Improves weight transfer to the bit
  • Helps extend bit and motor life
  • Shortens trip times
  • Minimizes downhole vibration
  • Reduces risk of stuck pipe
  • Reduces risk of packing off
  • Reduces torque and drag in drilling mode
  • Improves control of ECD (Equivalent Circulating Density)
  • Creates cleaner and more stable wellbore conditions
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The ClearPath Eccentric Reamer in Vertical Position

ClearPath Eccentric Reamer Specifications

Tool Specifications

Bit Diameter Drill Diameter Drift Diameter
5 7/8″ +0.0625″ -0.125″
6″ +0.0625″ -0.125″
6 1/8″ +0.0625″ -0.125″
6 1/4″ +0.0625″ -0.125″
6 3/4″ +0.0625″ -0.125″
7 7/8″ +0.1250 -0.125″
8 3/8″ +0.1250 -0.125″
8 1/2″ +0.1250 -0.125″
9 1/2″ +0.1250 -0.125″
9 7/8″ +0.1250 -0.125″
11 5/8″ +0.1875 -0.125″
12″ +0.1875 -0.125″
12 1/4″ +0.1875 -0.125″
16″ +0.2500 -0.125″
17 1/2″ +0.2500 -0.125″

Collar OD & Tool ID

Bit Diameter Collar OD (in) Tool ID (in)
5 7/8″ 5.000″ 2.000″
6″ 5.000″ 2.688″
6 1/8″ 5.250″ 2.813″
6 1/4″ 5.250″ 2.688″
6 3/4″ 5.250″ 2.688″
7 7/8″ 6.125″ 2.835″
8 3/8″ 6.750″ 2.835″
8 1/2″ 6.750″ 3.000″
9 1/2″ 6.750″ 2.250″
9 7/8″ 7.000″ 2.250″
11 5/8″ 8.250″ 3.000″
12″ 8.250″ 3.000″
12 1/4″ 8.250″ 3.000″
16″ 9.500″ 3.000″
17 1/2″ 9.500″ 3.000″

Approx. Weights

Series Weight (kgs) Weight (lbs)
6″ 175 385
8 1/2″ 350 770
12 1/4″ 710 1565
17 1/2″ 1290 2840


Connection Different options available
Tool length 2.3 meters
Material Steel


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