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Case study

Fixedblade Stabilizers Used to Condition Filter Cake in Central Oman

Design and configuration of Fixedblade Stabilizers contribute to inhibit growth of filter cake and reduce time lost on stuck pipe and back-reaming out of hole.

Location: Sultanate of Oman

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Fixedblade Stabilizers Used to Condition Filter Cake in Central Oman


Filter cake growth in Limestones and shales leading to stuck pipe and excessive back reaming.


Conditioning of filter cake using Fixedblade Stabilizers; Optimizing stabilizer placement to maximize wiping and compaction


Reduced backreaming by more than 90%; No stuck pipe incidents encountered; Improved hole gauge.

Fixedblade deployment

The Fixedblade stabilizers were utilized in four wells for an operator in the Sultanate of Oman. Target formations in all 4 wells were Shales and limestones in vertical 8-1/2” hole sections. The operator was suffering from lost time due to extensive backreaming while tripping out of hole and further complications trying to get casing to bottom afterwards. In order to address the identified main limiter (filter-cake growth) it was decided to use Fixedblade stabilizers instead of conventional spiral blade stabilizers.

In total three Fixedblade Stabilizers (2 x 83/8” & 1 x 8-1/4”) were added to a stabilized steerable motor BHA. The adopted configuration together with unique design of the Fixedblade stabilizers allowed reducing back-reaming by more than 90% and facilitating smother casing run.

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