Reducing back reaming with innovative stabilizers and reamers.

European Drilling Projects (EDP) commenced on a series of trials with 3 different operators with a combination of the new Switchblade Reamer and the already existing innovative design of stabilizers (Switchblade and Fixedblade). Additional to replacing conventional type stabilizers, the optimal placement of the stabilizers and reamer was given further attention in order to enhance the benefits and address the following challenges: high levels of shock and vibration, hard back-reaming, and rotary stalling. The results can be found in the four case studies below; from record bit runs to a reduction of 90% in the time spent back reaming.  

Case Study I Oman back reaming 

Case Study II Oman back reaming

Case Study III Oman back reaming 

Case Study record bit run Oman

Hours of rig time saved - Case Study Oman '16 on 3x 12 1/4" sections

Hours Record Bit Run -Case Study "Record Bit Run"

Minutes of total time spent back reaming over 4 challenging back reaming wells - Case Study Oman back reaming '19


Reduction in time spent back reaming - Case Study Oman back reaming '20

The next generation stabilizers and reamers have been successfully deployed with the following companies in Oman:

European Drilling Projects manufactures locally in Oman 🇴🇲

To further promote local in-country value, European Drilling Projects started manufacturing stabilizers in 2018 and continues to do so. The images above show the latest design of Fixedblade manufactured in October 2020. 

Fixedblade Stabilizer

The Fixedblade is designed to address the known issues of the conventional blade stabilizer with its enhanced hydrodynamic design and resultant downhole drilling efficiency.

Tools are ideal for all drilling locations in vertical or deviated wells where drilling gauges are clearly established.


The simple yet innovative solution enhances drilling performance by maximizing stability at the bit and minimizing bit whirl.

Ideal for rotary BHA’s when used in conjunction with either the Switchblade or Fixedblade string stabilizers.

Switchblade Stabilizer/Reamer

The Switchblade design addresses the known issues of the conventional blade stabilizer with its enhanced hydrodynamic profile and versatility. The system is ideal for a field development or remote operating location as the blades are rig site replaceable to reduce unnecessary inventory and transportation costs. The outer diameter of the blades can be adjusted on the surface to cover a 1” range (see technical description) this flexibility enables the onsite engineer to configure/fine-tune the BHA to cover a wide range of drilling applications.


The Fixedblade Reamer tool is designed to ensure borehole gauge whilst minimizing borehole tortuosity by elongating micro doglegs and borehole spiral patterns whilst drilling.

To optimize performance, the Fixedblade Reamer should be run in tension and high-up in the drill string.

HAWQA-field comparison – # of hours spent back reaming and pumping out of hole

Hours - Offset 1

Hours - Offset 2

Hours - Offset 3

Hours - Offset 4

Hours - Offset 5 EDP

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