FIXEDBLADE Stabilizers
enhance tripping performance for operator in The Gulf Region

A three well trial case, saving 70 hours of rig time by reducing or totally eliminating the need for backreaming.

Reduce or eliminate backreaming
when pulling out of hole;
Eliminate requirement for wiper trips.

Include the FIXEDBLADE stabilizers in the
rotary BHA.

Saved 70 hrs of rig time;
No balling up of stabilizers;
Smoother torque while drilling.

FIXEDBLADE deployment

The FIXEDBLADE stabilizers were deployed in three wells for an operator in the Gulf region for the trial purposes. All three wells had long vertical 12 ¼”sections, drilled through various formations. Normally, in offset wells extensive backreaming was often required during tripping operations. Also wiper trips were necessary before running casing.
To minimize time lost during tripping, It was decided to use FIXEDBLADE stabilizers instead of conventional spiral blade stabilizers. Three 12 1/8” FIXEDBLADE stabilizers were installed in the rotary BHA – one near bit stabilizer and two string stabilizers.
Using FIXEDBLADE stabilizers allowed saving 70 hours of rig time while drilling three 12 ¼” sections. Amount of backreaming was reduced and some wiper trips were eliminated.