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ADIPEC 2018 – LK Reamer

It is that time of the year again and we are planning our trip to ADIPEC; we are looking forward to seeing you, please come by our stand and say hello. This year, in addition to our Switchblade and Fixedblade Stabilizers, we are exhibiting our recently...

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1/4″ Under gauge!

In this video, Tom is explaining the advantages of running stabilizers ¼” under-gauge in comparison to 1/8”. Running stabilizers too close to gauge can cause pinch points coming out of a hole which we know is not cylindrical. Remember: 1/8” only is the...

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Hey Tom! Episode 1.

Here's our first episode of Tom explaining what's the matter with the status quo in stabilizers. Stay tuned for more episodes... Also, let us know what you think in the comments, or if you have any questions regarding stabilizers. We're happy to help and...

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ED-Projects is now on Instagram!

One of the great things with working in our office is that you get to learn a lot. And not just information related to the oil and gas industry. We give a minimum of 1 presentation a month on a random topic which we can choose. We've noticed, however, that we don't...

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Video Switchblade, Fixedblade and Reamerblade!

Here's a video featuring our latest tool, don't forget to turn on the audio. Tomorrow we're having a lunch and learn to launch the Reamerblade. This session will start at 11:00 a.m. in our office in Heerhugowaard (Marconistraat 3). We got drinks and sandwiches so...

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Visiting Houston (11-16 April 2018)

We just came back from visiting the Lone Star State to run our stabilizers, something we consider as another significant milestone for our company. The main problem our tool addresses in Texas is vibration, a problem we see worldwide. A problem, we believe, is partly...

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Case studies

ED Projects is constantly improving their preformances all around the world. In the following case studies you will see our latest challanges, improvements and results.

Two well trial case

Three well trial case