The Reamerblade tool is designed to minimise borehole tortuosity by elongating micro doglegs and borehole spiral patterns. The Reamerblades are interchangeable with the Switchblade® bodies and can be configured either eccentric or concentric. 

This addition to the Switchblade® range will add versatility, enabling the operator to configure the tool as a reamer, stabilizer or a combination of both. To optimise performance, the Reamerblade should be run in tension and high-up the drill string. 


16″ Reamerblade – fully dressed as a Reamer

12″ Reamerblade – 3 Reamer and 3 Stabilizer blades 

Design features

  • The Reamerblade can be configured eccentric or concentric
  • The Reamerblades are interchangeable with Switchblades
  • The Reamerblade allows for forward and back reaming action


  • Improves weight transfer and wellbore conditions
  • Reduces the need for dedicated wiper trips
  • Reduces back reaming and the risk of stuck pipe events

YouTube video of our tool:

Technical description Reamerblade