Our tools

The Reamerblade


Designed to minimize borehole tortuosity by elongating micro doglegs and borehole spiral patterns. The Reamerblades are interchangeable with the Switchblade® bodies and can be configured either eccentric or concentric.


Designed for field development projects and remote operating locations. The rig site adjustable or replaceable Monoblades reduce unnecessary repair, inventory and transportation costs.

The Fixedblade stabilizer for the drilling industry


Designed as a direct replacement for the conventional blade stabiliser. The enhanced hydrodynamic form is suitable for any application where the required drilling gauges are well established.

ClearPath Eccentric Reamer

ClearPath Eccentric Reamer®

ClearPath Eccentric Reamer is designed for deeper, faster, and more complex well trajectories. Aimed at addressing and alleviating the aforementioned issues. A hybrid multi-functional model combining reaming, stabilization, and agitation features in a single tool.

The Dome Hybrid Reamer

Dome Hybrid Reamer®

Dome Hybrid Reamer, a stabilizer while drilling, a reamer when you need one. This innovative design has a similar profile to the Fixedblade Stabilizer but provides an overall longer blade length to accommodate a unique 3-stage taper with different types of cutters.


The main application of the tool is drilling vertical holes with stabilized rotary BHA where it helps to improve stabilization and minimize whirl.


The Bitbox tool replaces the need for static sleeve stabilization which improves weight transfer when slide drilling using mud motors.