Cost effective solution to solve back reaming issues in Oman


9-Page case study


Insight in the different formations


Including the BHAs run


Including KPIs per run


Insight in the different formations

Remember when we were still able to do this?

  Remember when we were still able to do this? These images were taken a little over a year ago on my third rig visit to Oman and they were part that helped me shape my view of the short time I’ve spent in the industry. Trading my bread and cheese & normal office...

G.P.O. Guideline for Optimal Stabiliser Performance

A guideline to create a wider understanding of the many variables involved in the selection and optimisation of stabilisers in the BHA. G.P.O. Guideline: for Optimal Stabiliser Performance. The job description of a drill string stabiliser is multi-functional, its main...

A more personal interview – Hey Tom! Episode 6

A more personal interview talking about where ED-Projects mission came from and where we are going. Staying positive in the downturn is a challenge, however, we have been here before. In 1986 & 1998 oil prices got to $14 and $12 a barrel respectively,...

The Importance of Adequate Stabilization Behind a RSS

Hey Tom! Episode 5 - in this episode we are talking about the importance of adequate stabilization points behind a rotary steerable system. This topic came to existence after numerous runs in the Middle-East and Europe, where did see a significant...

A new partnership with Independent Oil Tools

New Partnership in Kurdistan We are delighted to announce that we have recently teamed up with Independent Oil Tools (IOT) in the region of Kurdistan. IOT will represent and supply our innovative range of stabilizers and reamers in Iraq and will help us...

Hey Tom! Episode 4

Hey Tom! Episode 4 - in this episode Tom is talking about how performance means different things to different people. For the driller, it means drilling more meters than his back-to-back. For the bit provider, it means getting more ROP than his...

ADIPEC 2018 – LK Reamer

It is that time of the year again and we are planning our trip to ADIPEC; we are looking forward to seeing you, please come by our stand and say hello. This year, in addition to our Switchblade and Fixedblade Stabilizers, we are exhibiting our recently...

Spiralling part 2

In this video, Tom explains more about downhole spiralling problems.

1/4″ Under gauge!

In this video, Tom is explaining the advantages of running stabilizers ¼” under-gauge in comparison to 1/8”. Running stabilizers too close to gauge can cause pinch points coming out of a hole which we know is not cylindrical. Remember: 1/8” only is the...

Hey Tom! episode 3 – What we are trying to achieve with our stabilizers.

Here's our third episode of Tom explaining what he's trying to do with our stabilizers. Let us know what you think!