General Questions

What is the mission of ED-Projects?

Push the drilling industry forward and challenge the status quo.

What does ED-Projects offer and where are they based?

We offer a new generation, fit for purpose drill string stabilizers and reamers. Our head office is in the Netherlands; however, we have offices in Aberdeen and Dubai, and representatives in Norway, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kurdistan, the USA, Canada, and South America. 

In which areas can ED-Projects supply tools?

We can supply tools to just about every area in the world. 

Can ED-Projects work via the major service companies?

Yes, ED-Projects is on the global vendor list of three of the big four service providers and working with the fourth on a local PO basis. We have excellent working relations with all service providers.   

Do ED-Projects do their own R&D or do they license from another party?

Yes, we have our own in-house R&D department. We also do our own FEM and CFD analysis.  

Are ED-Projects products patented technologies?

Yes, all our products are patented and trademarked. 

To what extent does ED-Projects offer bespoke designs and custom solutions?

Because we have our own R&D department with the relevant experience and software, we can offer a variety of bespoke designs and custom solutions. For example, ED-Projects has redesigned the stabilizer sleeves for RSS providers and is currently working with another RSS provider to redesign their RSS stabilizer to the ED-Projects profile. 

What are the general terms and conditions of ED-Projects?

Good question! You can find our general T&Cs here: https://ed-projects.com/wp-content/uploads//2023/04/EDP-Terms-and-Conditions.pdf 

Drilling Questions

What are the main drilling challenges that ED-Projects addresses?

The main challenges that we address with either our design of stabilizer and/or reamer are the following:

  • Reduce the time spent back-reaming;
  • Improve weight and energy transfer to the bit;
  • Minimise balling and packing off by boosting the transportation of fluid & cuttings around the tool
  • Hole stability and improve ECD;
  • Reduce rotary torque and vibration;
  • Improve BHA stabilization, minimise BHA whirl and lateral vibration;
  • Improve overall performance, resulting in higher ROP and less downtime.

How do ED-Projects products contribute in optimizing downhole drilling performance?

With adequate stabilization points and improved BHA stability, vibration and shock loads can be reduced to acceptable levels. This together with unique smooth design also improves weight and energy transfer to the bit.

The dome profile of the blades reduces rotary torque and vibration when interacting with the borehole wall. 

The hydrodynamic configuration and profile of the blades helps boost the transportation of cuttings around the tool, improving ECD.

With adequate stabilization points, the fore and aft blade configuration helps to minimise BHA whirl and lateral vibration, resulting in improved overall performance and better ROP.

Tool Questions

Which tool sizes do ED-Projects have available?

Please note that beside the ranges below, we also offer custom tool sizes for odd hole sizes upon request. 

Fixedblade Range: 
17 1/2″ series, 16″ series, 12 1/4″ series, 8 1/2″ series, and 6″ series in both string and nearbit version.  

Fixedblade Reamer: Currently we offer the Fixedblade Reamer in the 12 1/4″, 8 1/2″ and 6″ series.

Switchblade Range: 17″ Series, 16″ Series and the 12″ Series. 
Please note, the Switchblade tools can be configured as a Stabilizer or a Reamer, or a combination of both, (the hybrid version). The stabilizer version is adjusted by 1” (inch) in increments of 1/8”. The Reamer version is Adjustable by ½” (inch) in increments of 1/8”. The blades are all interchangeable throughout the range from the 12” series through to the 17” series. 

What type of stabilizers do ED-Projects offer?

ED-Projects offer a range of stabilizers and reamers from the 17-1/2” hole size to the 6” hole size. We are also willing to build customized tools if required.

We supply two main categories of stabilizers and reamers, the Switchblade and Fixedblade.
All ED-Projects range of tools are recognizable by their unique design features, blade orientation, open profile, (no spiral blade profile) all blades have a dome profile (no sharp edges). The tools for the 17-1/2” and 16” hole sections all have 8 blades, 4 blades mounted in the down-flow position and 4 mounted in the up-flow position. The tools from the 12-1/4” hole size to the 6” hole size, all have 6 blades, 3 down-flow, and 3 up-flow.           

How do ED-Projects stabilizers compare to conventional stabilizers?

ED-Projects range of tools are different from conventional stabilizers, in profile and geometry. The orientation and placement of the blades improve weight and energy transfer while enhancing the flow through and around the blades, improving the transportation of cuttings and ECD.
The domed profile of the blades (no sharp edges) reduces rotary torque and vibration while protecting the filter-cake. The 8-points of contact on the 17-1/2” and 16” tools and 6-points of contact on the smaller sizes, provides all-round contact with the borehole.

What sort of hardfacing options does ED-Projects offer?

We offer a range of different types of hardfacing from tungsten carbide tiles HF 3000 (Quicktip), HF5000 to HF6500. However, we usually go with what is readily repairable in the region where the tools are deployed. We also offer diamond enhanced hardfacing upon request. 

When would you choose a Switchblade above a Fixedblade?

When choosing a stabilizer to run above a steerable motor or applications where an adjustable outer diameter is preferred in order to fine tune and improve the performance of the BHA. Also, the Switchblade is ideal for remote locations where turnaround times are a challenge. 

What are the best applications for the Switchblade?

The Switchblade has the following application advantages over integral blade stabilizers:

  • Damaged or worn blades can be replaced on location if required;
  • The outer diameter of the blades can be adjusted by 1” in increments of 1/8” by using shims. This eliminates the need for under gauge stabilizers on location;
  • The blades are interchangeable throughout the range i.e. from 12-1/4” – 16” and 17-1/2”;
  • The tool can be configured as a stabilizer or a reamer or as a combination of both i.e. a hybrid reamer;
  • The Switchblade is the ideal tool to run above a steerable motor as the outer diameter can be adjusted/fine tuned to suit the build-up requirements and borehole trajectory, the lower set of blades can be gauged lower than the upper set to provide a taper, which will minimize hanging-up and motor stalls when slide drilling.

The reasons above make the Switchblade the ideal tool to have on remote locations.


What is the difference between a hybrid reamer and a reamer tool?

The difference between our hybrid reamer and fixed cutter reaming tools is that the operator can configure the tool to suit a variety of applications. For instance: the tool can be configured to have an inactive cutting action when drilling and a reaming capability if required when POOH. The depth of the cut of the reamer blades can be determined by adjusting the height of the stabilizer blade if required, the tool can be configured as a full-reamer, or a stabilizer, or a combination of both reamer and stabilizer i.e. hybrid reamer. 

What are the best applications for a hybrid reamer?

As stated earlier due to the ability to alter the outer diameter of both reamer and stabilizer blade the tool can be configured to cover a range of applications. The stabilizer blade can be adjusted to limit the depth of cut of the reamer cutters, to reduce rotary torque and vibration. The reamer blades can be gauged to have a passive cutting action when drilling and a reaming capability when pulling out of highly deviated wells when required.    

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