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Switchblade® Reamer

A configurable reamer system with interchangeable blades, configured eccentric or concentric and it allows for forward and back reaming action.

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Switchblade Hybrid Reamer for the Drilling industry

Unique innovative solution

The Switchblade Reamer is a unique reamer that uses interchangeable blades

Dome-Shaped Low Friction Interchangeable blades

G2 Monoblades


Reduce torque, drag & torsional vibration

The Reamer Reinvented

The Switchblade Reamer is designed to minimise borehole tortuosity by elongating micro doglegs and borehole spiral patterns. The Reamer blades are interchangeable with the Switchblade® bodies and can be configured either eccentric or concentric.

This addition to the Switchblade® range will add versatility, enabling the operator to configure the tool as a reamer, stabilizer or a combination of both. To optimise performance, the Switchblade Hybrid Reamer should be run in tension and high-up the drill string.

Switchblade Reamer Features

  • Can be configured eccentric or concentric
  • Blades are interchangeable with Switchblades
  • Allows for forward and back reaming action

Switchblade Reamer Benefits

  • Improves weight transfer and wellbore conditions
  • Reduces the need for dedicated wiper trips
  • Reduces back reaming and the risk of stuck pipe events
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The Switchblade Hybrid Reamer in vertical position

Switchblade Reamer Specifications

Hole size Gauge Range Length (m) Weight (kg) ID Fishing Neck Dia. Surface Area (in2) Conn.
12″ 12″ – 12 1/8″ 2.52 648 2 13/16″ 8 1/4″ 185 6 5/8 Reg
16″ 15 3/4″ – 15 7/8″ 2.67 1.033 3″ 9 1/2″ 245 7 5/8 Reg


  • Tungsten carbide dome inserts and passive polycrystalline diamond inserts
  • Other gauge sizes are available upon request

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