The Dome Hybrid Reamer

A stabilizer when drilling, a reamer when you need one.
Get the best of worlds.

The Next Generation Hybrid Reamer

A stabilizer while drilling, a reamer when you need one.

Ream when you need to, not because you can.

Unique 3-stage taper

The 3-stage taper is created to ensure a gradual cutting action starting at 14 degrees at the bottom, 5 degrees in the middle, and 2 degrees as a transition zone to the hardfacing.

Passive reaming capability up-and-down

The pin-side has numerous TCIs spread out over the the 3-stages with flat PDC cutters positioned near the hard facing for extra protection. The box-side is set up similarly but also integrates different stud PDC cutters for extra backreaming capabilities. It’s the ideal tool to position as the top stabilizer for extra protection for the BHA, ensure backreaming capabilities, without intervening with any weight on bit or torque issues.

Design features

• Reduces back reaming and the risk of stuck pipe events • Smooth running of casing to TD • Allow forward and back reaming action • Hydrodynamic profile • Elongate micro doglegs and borehole spriral patterns • Unique 3-stage taper • Improved weight transfer and torque compared to conventional reamers

You’re only as strong as your weakest link.

Based on experience and data, we know that our tools work best in combination with our already existing fleet. If you want the best performance, try the new Dome Hybrid Reamer in combination with one of our other products.

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