Barbecue Time

by ED-Projects & IOT GRoup









Party organisers

The Day Of

We are very excited to announce that our team in the Netherlands has moved into a new location in Akersloot. Some of you, familiar with the old location, will recognize that it’s not far away from the old office, and you wouldn’t be far from the truth. However, some things did change and were the reason for moving:

1. Space. We are growing. Besides our team’s presence in the UK and in the UAE, the Dutch office remains the headquarters for the team where we store most of our tools for continental Europe and we are rapidly expanding our global tool supply, including at this location.

2. Partnership. We are moving into the same location as IOT Holland who will handle our equipment, which makes sense for both parties. Our iconic traffic light orange will remain, of course. 

3. Excuse for another BBQ. This wasn’t maybe the first item on the agenda but remains equally important. After unpacking all the boxes and filling the empty fridges, it is now finally time for another BBQ.

Event Details

Date: 23 Sep 2022
Time: 15:30
Location: Boekel 41, 1921CE Akersloot

Predicted Weather

Temperature: 18 degrees 
Rain: 15%

Recommended Accomodations

In case you’re looking for a place to sleep, please find some good nearby located hotels below. 

In addition, if you would like to get home safely in your own car after a drink, make sure you get a driver home. Contact details below.


Hotel Babylon

072 572 3906


Heer Hugo

085 902 0490



+31 6 46 41 62 82

+31 85 303 68 20


Please let us know before the 15th of September if you will be attending.

What type of food would you like?