The drilling industry has never been more challenged than it is currently; consequently we need to go
back to bases and have a closer look at the root cause of many of the drilling and borehole related
problems we are confronted with on a daily base.

The majority of drillstring and borehole related problems can be traced back to drillstring vibration.
As we push the envelope of possibilities ever further in extended reach drilling applications and complex
borehole trajectories, it is understandable that the driveshaft of the system i.e. the drillstring requires
adequate stabilisation.

A poorly designed stabilizer with no specific design criteria in combination with insufficient stabilisation
points is the root cause of vibration in its many forms.

Today we are drilling holes at least thirty percent faster than in the mid-eighties. Yet there is one important
element in the drillstring which has not changed in the past 45 years.

My goal was to design a totally new range of innovative stabilizers to meet the challenges of today’s market.

 This is what we, as a team are striving to change. This is what drives us.

Tom Newman